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It’s the post International season in DoTA 2. Every pro teams makes roster changes, the pub players get used to the new Meta that was followed in the international, and many new players try Dota 2 after seeing the glorious international tournament. But this year, it’s different because it’s the biggest change to Dota in years. Valve has moved the game from Source engine 1 to Source engine 2, labelled Dota 2 Reborn. For those who don’t know, reborn was in beta a few months before TI started, and it was officially launched this month. Let’s come to the point, how has been the reborn experience for players so far?


All-time low of concurrent players

To start, I thought of writing about this because yesterday (September 22) recorded the all-time low concurrent player count in Dota 2 - 246,344 (source:, in this whole year. There has been numerous bugs since reborn was launched. The ancient stacking bug even caused some pro-tournaments to be postponed, people did not play ranked matchmaking for a while. There has also been many videos over the internet, which shows the text ‘ERROR’ in place of wards, couriers; storm spirit appearing as ball lightning all the time for opponents; in some cases even ranged hero projectiles appeared with the text ‘ERROR’ (source: DotaWTF video). This is just a few of various bugs, performance issues that affected the game experience so much for the players. A few months back everything was going fine for Dota 2, a smooth client with all the features the community wanted, little to no bugs. We were excited about new heroes, even new valve-created heroes that were not in the original Dota (source: IGN).


Why, Reborn?

Then the Reborn beta was released, and yes it was a very welcomed change because of the new dashboard, smoother animations, new item selection UI, new live updates for ongoing games and many more. After a period of beta test, now it’s officially launched with only little features remaining to be implemented. Personally I still don’t like the new friends list, because its width is too small, I have to scroll a lot and hover over individual friends to see if they are in-game or not, what hero they are playing (Previously it was just there in the opening screen, no efforts needed). Along with Reborn came the Custom games, which Valve had been venturing for a long time. They presented a new take on the traditional Dota 2, gave more opportunities for the community to create their own content. I played some of them, and yeah it was good. BUT, did Valve forget one thing? whatever custom games, game modes may come Dota 2 will always be loved for the one and only traditional game mode/ map - The original 5v5!! Did they concentrate more on the other decorative features and forgot to clear out the bugs on the one mode that is played by millions? For me it seems so, since reborn launch there has been megabytes of updates daily, which I am getting tired of. I have experienced lags, unresponsiveness many times in games (especially in team fights).

All these lead to my next question - Was Reborn necessary?? I would have been happier if they had released some new heroes! There is also a rumor that 6.85 balance patch is coming very soon, is Valve moving too fast with Dota 2?

Thanks for reading and please share your views in the comments!!


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