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This is going to be about my gaming life, that's right if you are not a gamer you may not be able to relate to this fully. But still I recommend to give a try :)


A small introduction about me. I am 22 and currently working as a Software Developer for an IT company, I am content about my earnings, family, position in my life etc.

Gaming came into my life when I was 9 yrs old. My uncle has bought my cousins a "Video Game" (Indian version of the Nintendo's SNES), they bought it to my home during the holidays. We used to play the classics Contra, Mario, Islander, Tanks etc all the day, keeping turns for each of us in terms of play hours. It was very fun times, as we would always fight for extra hours. Then my parents bought myself my own Video Game. My school would get over at 3 P.M , and the next 4 or 5 hours I would be glued to TV with the joystick in my hand. I don't know why, but I developed a great craze for gaming right from that time. You could be a different persons, have powers like those heroes in TV,Comics,Movies; do the things that we kids dreamed of; what more does a 10 yr old kid want more than that ? (for me :P).


I was not aware of PC at that time. Well that's because PC was introduced to us people during that time only, and it was used only in offices. Luckily once my dad took me to office ,and I got the chance to play my first computer game "Prince". I was totally amazed, I still remember how I kept on asking my dad to take me to office during my holidays so that I can play. Eventually I got to play Dave and Prince at my neighbor's home. Then finally when I was 11 it happened.

My first own computer. I waited 3 hours in front of my house after getting phone call from my dad that he has bought a computer and it will be delivered to any time soon. The next wait was for the service person to come and set up it, which happened after 2 days. That feel when I got to play Prince in it, in my own computer (I get goosebumps while writing this).


Internet, original games, cracked games etc. was not known for me until I was 13. Games were sold in CD's in local shops, we would get that and install by the instructions and then play. For buying those games I would save every buck that I got during festival times, birthday. My favorites during those days were Max Payne, Road rash, Formula One. Gaming had grown in me more that I dreamed of it all the time, dreamed of the characters in games, all the time talked to my friends about it.

Then came one of the most fun games, the game which till date is the father of all open world games. Grand Theft Auto 3 and San Andreas. I was like OMG when I came to know that we can drive, shoot, perform missions etc in the same game!!. I urged the guy in the CD store(he became my friend eventually) to get GTA SA soon. I had an awesome time playing it with friends, all those cheats that we would look for in the internet through browsing centers and then memorize, write down and use in the game :). If that was the first game that changed my gaming life , the next was Prince of Persia Warrior Within. One beast, the one enemy in the gaming universe that would have haunted every player's dreams - The Dahaka. The setting, sword fights, the Dahaka chases that will scare s**t out of me are unforgettable.


It's been 10 years after that and I can proudly say that I am still the same guy who sits glued to the computer after returning home and spend endless nights playing. Happiness, sadness, a shoulder when I am depressed, an outlet of my anger, a companion for life - these are games for me. It's not about a certain type of game, it's about every game that gets released. Be it a very big title like Assassin's Creed or a small indie game each game gives a very unique experience and that experience is the thing that I expect from each game i play. A good example of that is the two indie games I played recently Brothers A tale of two sons and To the Moon. They were just like point and click, puzzle like very short games, but very emotional and will linger in your mind for a long time after playing.

To all those persons in my life who have been asking and telling that I am addicted to gaming - no it's not addiction, it's passion. Gaming has not affected my life in a single way, it has just made me a better person. I am wondering whether this generation kids will get a chance to play those classic creations, if not they sure are going to miss them.


Lastly, this is a quote that I read somewhere - "Book is an art that will make you visualize creations in your mind, Movie is an art will make you to see those creations for real, Gaming is an art that will make you to live those creations and create your own experiences with them."

As I write this I am thinking of what loot I will find next in my Diablo 3 adventure...... Adios Amigos - prince_warhero

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